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    Mondays all ~ 6:00 pm

    MIAMI BEACH LIBRARY 227 22nd St.
    Tuesdays July 2,16, Aug 6,20 ~ 7:00 pm

    WEST DADE LIBRARY 9445 Coral Way
    Wednesdays all ~ 5:00 pm or 7:00 pm

    Wednesday July 31, August 7,21,28

    CORAL GABLES LIBRARY 3443 Segovia St.
    [off for Summer]


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    Classes last 1 1/2 hours. No cost / no registration. Late arrival
    okay. Bring yoga mat, water, sweater or shawl (library rooms
    are cold). Do not take a meal before class. Drink water after


    (for teachers of yoga and meditation only)
    Sunday, July 14 9 am-1 pm
    305 926-3578

    Saturday Aug. 17 3-6 pm

    Sat July 17 10 am-1 pm
    6175 NW 153 St, Miami Lakes
    info: 786 239-7883, Roxana

    Invite your friends or family -- Learn meditation in 2 hours.

    * info at:
    In English En Espanol

    Using different modalities such as asanas, mantras, diet plan,
    herbs. Call for info and appointment, 305 926-3578

    certified in Transformational Meditation, Kripalu
    Yoga, Jyotish Astrology. Forty years experience.
    Studied in US, India, Europe. Educator, author.

    Contact me at Facebook,
    Telephone 305 926-3578.


    KRIYA YOGA INSTITUTE They have a retreat ashram in the
    farmland near Homestead. Every Sunday at 10:00 am they have a
    talk, meditation and vegetarian feast open to all. Nice, out of this
    world really.
    Tel 305 247 1960.

    ESCUELA DE VALORES HUMANOS has a sweet little center in
    North Miami, with an authentic Himalayan style. They have a lady
    guru in Ecuador. They have different activities, in Spanish, mostly
    by donation (suggest $5 minimum).
    Facebook: shivakriyayogamiami

    SIDDHA YOGA MEDITATION CENTER A tradition coming from the
    great mystic renunciate, Nityananda. The awakening and
    unfoldment of the INNER SHAKTI, the supreme energy of the
    higher Self, is furthered by beautiful chanting and meditation.
    Center on Coral Way.

    Meditation in a more religious context. Get Yogananda's book
    Autobiography of a Yogi. They meet in North Miami Beach,
    Hollywood and in South Miami.


    Welcome to my humble website. Here I post my Schedule and
    Services. You will also find lots of useful and inspiring stuff
    about meditation. Lawrence Huff, 305 926-3578
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